Five ways to brand your business

Lucy Werner
4 min readApr 28, 2022

Most small business owners think an excellent brand begins with a logo. Let me accelerate your branding with these easy hacks.

Step 1: Everything starts with a story

Your story is the most crucial part of your brand, more than any colours or visual identification markers. And your story is the essential foundation that should never be compromised. The foundation that no other business can copy. And that is YOUR story. Why did you set up your business? Who are you for? What made you want to create your business baby? The starting point for building a solid brand is knowing what you are about and who you are for (and not for!).

Step 2: Your face is your best branding asset

The most recognisable feature you can use to help your business stand out from the competitive set and create an emotional connection with your audience is you, your face. A great portrait can be used as your avatar on social media, traditional press opportunities, and podcast guest covers. When you start, and budgets are slim, you can instantly create a memorable brand with just one decent headshot.

Step 3: A strong font is much better than a mediocre logo

Hands up if you started out thinking your brand was a logo? (feel free to put a clap in the comments if so ;)). Unless you have the budget of a global conglomerate, it will be tricky to get renowned recognition for a logo. And you do tend to get what you pay for. If your logo is just the same as everyone else's, there isn’t a huge point. BUT choosing a consistent font that embodies your brand values and character and using that across all marketing materials, be it your website, brochures, point of sale, presentations, products and service information…. well, that is just priceless cohesive brand building.

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