According to FSB, at the start of 2020 there were 5.94 million small businesses (with 0 to 49 employees), in the U.K. I read and hear a lot about business success stories but never enough about the fails. With millions of smes you think we would see more about this. I’ve learnt more about business from my mistakes than my wins – here are a few of my takeaways.

I was trying to be all things: HR, new business, engineer, sales & marketing, finance, PR, operations. This is almost manageable when you are a one-woman band, but at the point…

First things first

Why should you be looking to grow your own database? You don’t own your followers on social media, those platforms do, so if they crash overnight or your account gets hacked you loose your audience.

You also will know little about your social media followers other than what you can personally remember. Whether you have a product or service based business, you need a newsletter.

What does your audience need?

Having spent the best part of 2019 posting every single day on Instagram, I built my followers up. This hard work means I now have a user base that often asks me for what they…

With February being heart disease awareness month, it’s making me reflect on my own journey and how I/we might help others. My son was born in the summer of 2019 and diagnosed postnatally with three congenital heart defects (they found a fourth at six months). With members of our immediate family either abroad or hospitalised themselves, we relied on the support of our wider friendship circle. We were inundated with messages saying “if you need anything let me know”. The problem is, in the eye of the storm, you don’t know what you do need and it’s even harder to…

Whilst a lot of things might be a moveable feast in 2021. We can get some planning and certainty together with some key moments and calendar dates for our business. Here are a few tips of how I put together a bit of a marketing and content plan together for both my clients and I. Whether your batch your content or shoot from the hip, these tips should help you to maximise our key calendar dates download.

1. Have a monthly marketing meeting

Even if this is just with yourself as a solopreneur. Have a good look at what key dates are happening in your business and in the upcoming national dates to see if there is a relevant newshook for you. Plot in the activity for yourself and look where you might be having some content gaps that you want to fill. Make sure you are giving yourself plenty of consistency in what to talk about.

Set yourself some goals e.g. x4 blog posts, x1 monthly newsletter, x1 podcast pitch etc and break it down from…

With ways of working under an intense magnifying glass, the job market is pivoting at an unprecedented rate. What comes with that, is a renewed focus on your personal brand. By showcasing what makes us different it creates cut-through in a competitive landscape and helps our audience to connect with us as a person rather than a product or a service.

There are various ways you can think about your personal brand so I asked some of the experts in my network to each share with me one tip. …

There’s lots of myths and secrets in the book publishing world. And there’s plenty of articles that talk to you about how to promote a book. But when you delve deeper into how to promote a business book, there’s a dearth of information out there. Here are my top five takeaways from PR-ing my own book.

  1. You can never start selling too soon.
    When my book was available to buy I didn’t immediately shout about it. I didn’t want to pre-sell my book too much because I wanted to hit number one on Amazon. My tactic was to hold people back…

I was going to title this post “Get better at pitching to journalists”, but many people outside of PR don’t know exactly what “pitching” means. So to be clear, “pitch” is another way of saying “tell your story”. And this post is worth reading if you answer “Yes” to any of these questions:

Do you need help getting publicity for your business?

Have you previously contacted journalists about your story and not received a response?

Are you regularly seeing your competitors secure column inches, and want the same for yourself?

Are you still with me? OK good. Because with these…

Every day I meet people from different walks of life, working on all kinds of great ideas. Their passion and creativity is infectious. In fact, those two qualities encapsulate why I love working with startups. Creativity and passion are essential parts of any successful business. But they’re not the only parts, and there are equally essential supportive elements within any business that need real consideration, time and strategy. PR is one of them. I set up a consultancy to grow businesses through PR, but I don’t believe it’s always necessary for a new business to hire a PR firm. In…

Lucy Werner

Author of best-seller Hype Yourself. Founder of The Wern, PR & design for startups Speaker. Writer. PR expert.

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